Accepted Industry Practice for Industrial Duct Construction
      Accepted Industry Practices for Sheet Metal Lagging
      Achieving Spatial Coordination Through BIM
      Alliance Project Management
      Aluminum Surfaces: A Guide to Alloys, Finishes, Fabrication and Maintenance in Architecture and Art
      Architectural Metals: A Guide to Selection, Specification, and Performance
      Architectural Sheet Metal CADD Drawings
      Architectural Sheet Metal Inspection Guide
      Architectural Sheet Metal Manual
      Architectural Sheet Metal Quality Assurance Guide
      Bidding Direct - The Prime Option
      Building Systems Analysis and Retrofit Manual
      Construction Contracts: Alternative Delivery Methods
      Contractors Role in Preconstruction Planning
      Copper, Brass, and Bronze Surfaces: A Guide to Alloys, Finishes, Fabrication, and Maintenance in Architecture and Art
      Creating the High-Performing Contractor: Proven Practices for the Sheet Metal and HVAC Industry
      Current Safety and Health Issues in Fiberglass
      Duct System Calculator, Imperial
      Duct System Calculator, Metric
      Ducted Electric Heat Guide for Air Handling Systems
      Energy Systems Analysis and Management
      Environmental Risk Management
      Establishing Overhead and Burden in a Sheet Metal Business
      Fibrous Glass Duct Construction Standards, 8th Edition
      Figure 1-1 Rectangular Gutter Designs
      Figure 1-10 Built-In Expansion Joint โ€” Heavy Gage Gutter
      Figure 1-11 Combination Scupper and Gutter
      Figure 1-12 Hanging Gutter Installations โ€” General
      Figure 1-13 Hanging Gutter Installations โ€” Bracket Support
      Figure 1-14 Hanging Gutter Installations โ€” Alternate Support
      Figure 1-15 Concealed Hanging Gutters
      Figure 1-16 Hanging Gutter Installations โ€” Heavy Gutter
      Figure 1-17 Hanging Gutter Installations โ€” Sloped Roof
      Figure 1-18 Hanging Gutter Installations โ€” Sloped Roof
      Figure 1-19 Hanging Gutter Installations โ€” Sloped Roof
      Figure 1-2 Rectangular Gutter Styles
      Figure 1-20 Hanging Gutter Installations โ€” Half Round
      Figure 1-21 Built-in Gutter Installation
      Figure 1-22 Water Diverter Design and Installation
      Figure 1-23 Built-in Gutter Installation
      Figure 1-24 Gutter Accessories โ€” Screens and Outlets
      Figure 1-25 Conductor Heads โ€” Typical
      Figure 1-26 Scupper Design and Installation
      Figure 1-27 Scupper Design and Installation
      Figure 1-28 Scupper โ€” Through Fascia With Conductor Head
      Figure 1-29 Scupper โ€” Design and Installation
      Figure 1-3 Manufactured Half Round and Ogee Gutters
      Figure 1-30 Scupper โ€” Overflow Type โ€” Design & Installation
      Figure 1-31 Downspouts - Manufactured
      Figure 1-32 Downspouts โ€” Shop Fabricated
      Figure 1-33 Downspout โ€” Gutter Connections
      Figure 1-34 Downspouts - Hanger Design
      Figure 1-35 Shop-Fabricated Downspout Hangers
      Figure 1-36 Splash Pan
      Figure 1-37 Formed Roof Sumps
      Figure 1-38 Roof Drains
      Figure 1-4 Built-In Gutter Design
      Figure 1-5 Allowances for Gutter Expansion
      Figure 1-6 Lap Type Gutter Expansion Joint
      Figure 1-7 Butt Type Gutter Expansion Joint
      Figure 1-8 Built-In Gutter Expansion Joint
      Figure 1-9 Built-In Gutter Expansion Joint โ€” at Wall
      Figure 10-1 Column Covers
      Figure 10-2 Corner Guards
      Figure 10-3 Interior Wall Lining
      Figure 10-4 Partition and Column Closures and Mullion Covers
      Figure 10-5 Planter Box Liners
      Figure 10-6 Drapery Pockets
      Figure 10-7 Lighting Troughs
      Figure 10-8 Hoods โ€” Ornamental
      Figure 10-9 Linen and Trash Chutes
      Figure 11-1 Roof Scuttles
      Figure 11-2 Smoke Hatches
      Figure 11-3 Curtains โ€” Draft or Fire
      Figure 11-4 Cornerstone Boxes
      Figure 11-5 Snow Guards
      Figure 12-1 Cornice Assembly at Parapet
      Figure 12-2 Cornice Assembly With Gutter
      Figure 12-3 Formed Skylights
      Figure 12-4 Formed Skylight-Mutin
      Figure 12-5 Spires
      Figure 12-6 Cupolas
      Figure 12-7 Copper Dome
      Figure 2-1 Formed Gravel-Stop Fascia โ€” Design Data
      Figure 2-10 Heavy-Gage Gravel-Stop Fasciaโ€”Joints and Corners
      Figure 2-11 Heavy-Gage Gravel-Stop Fascia โ€” Installations
      Figure 2-12 Roof Paver Retention
      Figure 2-13 Roof Membrane Protection
      Figure 2-14 Roof Paver Systems โ€” Outer Edge
      Figure 2-15 Roof Paver Systems โ€” Edge Retention
      Figure 2-16 Roof Paver Systems โ€” Scupper Drain
      Figure 2-2 Formed Gravel-Stop Fascia โ€” Design Data
      Figure 2-3 Roof-Fascia-Soffit Transitions
      Figure 2-4 Fascia and Soffit Design Data
      Figure 2-5 Formed Gravel-Stop Fascia โ€” Joint Systems
      Figure 2-6 Cap Fascia - Installation
      Figure 2-7 Formed Gravel-Stop Fascia โ€” Soffit Installation
      Figure 2-8 Formed Gravel-Stop Recessed โ€” Installation
      Figure 2-9 Heavy-Gage Formed Gravel-Stop Fascia
      Figure 3-1 Formed Metal Copings โ€” Design Data